How To Change The Wifi Password Of Ptcl


Progressing in this modern world and acquiring knowledge of latest invention and technologies cannot be achieved without a reliable internet connection. Connecting with the world is very significant and can only be achieved with a broadband connection. Pakistan telecommunication limited is the pioneer internet service provider who has been excellent in terms of their unmatched services all across Pakistan. The semi-government body has established strong routes throughout the country and has gifted Pakistan with a fast speed broadband Ptcl that can help them grow their business and community in the modern world. Despite the odds, no other company has been able to replace Ptcl on a larger extent. Although many alternatives are now available in the market which includes Fiberlink, fiber optics and many more that have given a tough competition to Ptcl. However, defeating them would on a larger ground take efforts. Covering whole Pakistan internet service, Ptcl also holds the 3g service.

IF you are a Ptcl user and want to change a wifi password, it isn’t a big deal. The process is like 1, 2, and 3. However, if you are newbie it may not be easy for you. Follow my step by step guide that would prevent you from doing any mistake in future.

  1. Type the URL on the web.
  2. The pop-up box will appear where you have to enter ptcl username and password. Both are same:

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

If you are using a new modem, this password may not work for you. But there isn’t anything to worry. Simply check the username and password on the backside of your modem and enter the following onto the link. Username is always same, however, a password can be different so always look for password on the modem.

Once you got the access, click on Wireless and then click on Security now change “WPA/WAPI passphrase” whatever security code you want for your wifi. Make sure you put it strongly that can’t be easily hacked. The best way to put a strong password would lie in using uppercase letter along with numeric. Unique password would obviously keep your internet connection secure and will prevent anyone from stealing it.

Pakistan telecommunication limited has still strong roots in the corporate sector. The company has improved the user’s experience by creating better customer care and enhancing the quality of services. From home phone to internet, broadband Ptcl has been exceptional.


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